Emergency Kit Checklist

Emergency Kit and eChecklist while you always hope there will never be a medical emergency, it is extremely important that you are well prepared in the event your bunny becomes injured or sick. Here is a checklist of first aid items you should have in your emergency kit. These first aid items will  help you render aid to your bunny until you can get them to your rabbit-savvy vet if the situation warrants.

  • Veterinarian contact info and information of a 24 hour Emergency vet that specialize in exotic animals.
  • Oxbow Critical Care – premium recovery food; can be syringe-fed if rabbit is unwilling to eat due to illness, surgery, or poor nutritional status
  • feeding syringe 
    3cc and/or 10cc oral
  • oral meds syringe
  • Baby food (carrot or squash)
  • Simethicone – anti gas, infant gas drop found in baby medicine section of store or pharmacy
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Twizzer
  • Toenail trimmers & Quik stop- styptic powder – cornstarch will work in a pinch
  • Microwaveable Heating Pad
  • Antiobiotic Ointment (neosporin) – do not use Neosporin Plus, triple action or pain relief formulas that contain ingredients like lidocaine.
  • Gauze pads / cotton balls / cotton pads and swab sticks
  • A large towel for wrapping or cuddling/calming a stressed, frightened, or injured bunny (or one who is difficult to give medicine to!)

Please note that we are no vets and all items included in the kit are simply collected as options in case of emergency.  Please consult with your veterinary on proper use of the items listed. The kit is not a substitute for proper medical assistance.