What Size & Breed is Right For You

Bunnies can be small, medium or large with variations in between. Choosing one that is best for you is a matter of personal choice and what their living space will be. Many people gravitate to the smaller ones, but miss out on some wonderful bunnies in the process. If you don’t have dogs, cats or children, the smaller breeds are fine, though some tend to be a bit more skittish or high strung. Every bunny has a different personality, though, so it’s best if you can spend some time with them or get information from the shelter and/or foster home about the individual buns before adopting.

Don’t discount medium or large bunnies, though. The larger breeds in many cases tend to be more mellow and gentle. Another very important factor to consider is who else will live in the house with the bunny. Since smaller bunnies are more fragile, a larger bun is a better choice for a household with any combination of dogs, cats or children.

Ruby Eyes, Gentle Souls. 

Of course, all bunnies are cute. When adopting a bunny, personality is more important than appearance. The best bunny for your lifestyle and home could come in any kind of package – large, medium or small, lop-eared or up-eared, and any eye color – including the sweet, often neglected white rabbits with ruby eyes. Some people are put off by them, but truly the ruby eyes often have such interesting and beautiful shades– ruby, rose, lavender and pink. Brown and blue eyes are nice as well, but ruby eyes are just as expressive.

As you get to know a bunny better, you can tell when they are happy, excited, scared or tired just by looking into their eyes. Just as it’s not right to discriminate against humans who have a different or a ‘less popular’ eye color, it’s not fair to do so to bunnies. Some of the sweetest, most gentle bunnies are the white ones with ruby eyes. It is tragic that so many of these precious souls are destroyed daily at shelters because not enough people are adopting them because they don’t want a bunny with ruby eyes. Many open-minded people who have given these buns a chance have fallen in love with some of the nicest companion bunnies around. When you’re ready to adopt, please open your heart and give a chance to a white, ruby-eyed bunny and you’ll be happy you did.